Vitamin D from sun exposure in Mo i Rana

In order for the body to produce Vitamin D from sun exposure, the sun must be above 35 degrees on the horizon.

At 35 degrees the production of Vitamin D is very low, the sun must be above 40 degrees on the horizon for optimal production. In Mo i Rana the sun never reaches more than 47 degrees (for a period of two weeks each summer).

This gives us an opening for the production of vitamin D from May 5. to August 7. each year in Mo i Rana. You have about
3 months each year where the body itself can produce vitamin D from sun exposure.

Vitamin D is an important vitamin that the body needs to strengthen the immune system. The body has ability to store the vitamin for later use, but winter is long in the North, so it's important to have enough sunshine exposure during the summer.

It can be dangerous to be in the sun for too long, so the best thing is to sunbathe a little every day, then your batteries will be best charged with Vitamin D to survive the Arctic winter in Northern Norway.

This is a nice website that tells you the sun's height on the horizon.


Norske forskere har systematisk utsatt personer for naturlig sollys, og deretter kontrollert Vitamin D nivået i blodet til forsøks personene regelmessig. Dette har i korte trekk gitt oss svar på at sola må være over 35 grader på horisonten for at vi skal produsere Vitamin D selv. For optimal produksjon av Vitamin D må sola være over 40 grader på himmelen.

Denne nettsiden forteller høyden på sola for alle steder i verden.

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