Mo i Rana is a new and modern town in North Norway. It was built in the 1950s to house workers (and their families) at the new iron works in town. The settlement consists mainly of Private houses, Terraced house, Two & Four-family houses in wood, and Three & Four floor block apartments in concrete. The town has four nice Hotels,  railway station and harbor.

Downtown consisting of low buildings with three to six floors. It has two shopping Malls, and four shopping centers nearby. There is also a wide variety of other shops and restaurants including local & traditional food, Italian and Chinese menus.

The city has a lot of culture to offer including a modern library, cinema complex, theatergolf course, and sports and swimming facilities. You can also enjoy the nightlife at a bar or nightclub, or enjoy a good cup of coffee at a local cafe.
The pedestrian streets in downtown are heated and completely ice and snow free through the long winter season!

Campus Helgeland is a new and modern college offering education at university level. The town also has five elementary schools, and three high schools. Helgelandssykehuset is the towns only hospital with medical and dental services.

Mo i Rana can also provide snow and winter! Just outside the town there is a modern ski resort. The facilities has a ski tow that takes you quickly to the top of the Baasmo mountain. There you can choose to race in two slopes that is 1200 and 1500 meters downhill. Mo i Rana also has many nearby cross country trails. Take your family on a nice and safe skiing adventure.

In the summer you can experience the midnight sun, and daylight around the clock! And in winter season there are good chances of seeing the northern lights in the night sky. Average temperature in January is - 8 C (17.4 F), and avg. temperature in July are 14 C (57 F). Occasionally on warm summer days the temperature can peak close to 30 C (86 F)!

Last updated 18 February 2012
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