Sport Fishing

You need to purchase a fishing licence card if you plan to fish in fresh water, lakes and rivers in Norway. Coast fishing in salt water are free. However, no more than 15 kilos of fish can be exported from Norway per person /year.

Freshwater fishing requires a combination of local and national licences, depending on the species sought. In some locations you may also need to buy a licence from the holder of the fishing rights. Licences for freshwater fishing in rivers, lakes and streams are issued by local authorities.

Rana River

Rana River can offer you the very best salmon fishing experiences throughout the season. Ranaelva is in the northern part of the region called Helgeland close to Mo i Rana. From the northwest comes water from the glacier Svartisen. In the north, from Saltfjellet mountain, comes Randals river and meets Virvass river at Elvmøthei about 70 km from the outlet. The river is about 130 km, and is rich in salmon and trout.

The National Park has excellent opportunities for fishing in mountain lakes. The National Park covering about 2,102 square kilometres of nature, that includes both alpine mountain formations with glaciers, as well as gently sloping mountain plateaus and forested valleys.

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