Caves in Rana

Nordland is the area in Scandinavia with the best possibilities for caving. You can explore the caves in both summer and winter - and there is no weather reservations. There are two popular caves near Mo i Rana you can visit all year long. The caves has guided tours.

Gronligrotta Cave

Gronligrotta Cave is the only cave in the Nordic region which is enlighted. Something that has made it one of the most popular and most visited limestone caves the last hundred years. The cave is a network of passages, fabolous shapes and forms that water and ice have sculptured through thousands of years. The cave is 4200 metres long, and is located by the farm named Gronlia.

Setergrotta Cave

Setergrotta Cave is of the largest and most exciting caves in Norway – shaped by nature through thousands of years. Inside the cave you will experience potholes, huge chambers, limestone formations, marble passages and an underground river. This is very different from what you experience outdoors. The cave is about 3,4 km long.

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